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  • Distribution of safety (PPE) and welding products

Welcome To Hennox Supplies

Hennox was founded in 2007 by Frank Gu, Rice Wang and Mohammed Vawda with 
the belief that the opportunity would grow their wealth.......... That opportunity is fast 
growing into a proud legacy for their families and staff.

HENNOX SUPPLIES is not just a name. IT’S WHAT WE DO!
Hennox is a signifi cant participant in the South African safety and welding markets. 
With branches in Durban and Johannesburg our products and service solutions cater 
for all our customers’ needs.

Our trademarked brands PIONEER SAFETY and PIONEER WELDING are well 
known and associated with quality throughout our industry. The colour red in our 
logo is associated with excitement and energy, a great choice as the vibrant red 
gives Hennox a modern feel that stands out from our competitors. The key is to stay 
relevant in a dynamic market!

Our core business is the import and distribution of safety (PPE) and welding 
products. Since 2007 we have provided these products to people and businesses 
through the various segments of the market we serve. We are committed to being 
a trusted leader of affordable products and services by utilising our energetic and 
highly motivated team to deliver on every customer promise.

We place our customers at the centre of what we do. We respect and value our 
customers as much as those we work with. We strive to build a culture of excellence, 
an identity that makes us the fi rst choice as a supplier. The “GO-TO” guys!